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Do you suffer from Fears, Phobias or traumatic experiences?

These techniques allow you to improve mental & emotional wellbeing in an astonishingly simple, yet highly effective way!  

Havening Techniques® are an exciting new therapy developed by the Ruden brothers and they represent a major scientific breakthrough.  Havening can help remove traumas, anxiety and phobias with permanent results, by producing an electro-chemical response in the brain, changing the way our memories are stored. It is like tidying up your paper filing cabinet! We can heal our emotional responses to memories & permanently switch off the signals from our amygdala that cause emotional and physical distress. The results are fast and permanent!

Havening Techniques is a  psycho-sensory therapy, it uses the application of light touch to achieve astonishing changes. Havening can help you to tackle anxiety, traumatic memories, fears & phobias – no need for lengthy and exhausting counselling!


Every therapeutic Havening session with at Essential Wellbeing will include guidance how to self-Haven yourself daily. This is a simple, but priceless, life skill to use in your daily life and improves your mood and motivation levels. It is simple to do and just 5 minutes daily can help to build lasting emotional resilience! And with that improved emotional resilience you are much better able to tackle lifes inevitable stresses.

What types of emotional issues can be addressed?

A therapeutic Havening Techniques session with a therapist can address deep seated emotional issues such as:

  • anxiety

  • PTSD

  • flashbacks

  • feelings of guilt, shame and regret

  • bereavement & grief

  • distressing memories

  • phobias & fears 

  • chronic pain  

You can also work with your therapist at Essential Wellbeing to increase Confidence, Self Esteem, Motivation and Mental Wellness.

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Maike Dring is a certified practitioner of the Havening Techniques ®. 

Havening Techniques is a registered trademark of Ronald Ruden, 15 East 91st Street, New York.

Why can memories make us feel bad?


Experiences from our past can be embedded deeply in our brain as a traumatic event and can affect our emotions and responses to new situations.  We may even be unaware of these events, but they can influence how we behave on a daily basis.

These “traumatic events” may seem insignificant, for example, a thoughtless remark made by a teacher when you were young, or there may have been a traumatic experience such as a natural disaster, abuse or crime.

Your brain and body react to these memories with the flight and fight response, causing feelings like fear, anxiety or even anger and rage. 

Havening Techniques change the encoding of these traumatic events in such a way, that they will not trigger your body's fight or flight response. Your brain and body can react with a balanced response, instead of constantly causing the negative emotions of fear, anxiety or even anger to affect your mental and emotional health.

The Flight and Fight or Freeze Response

Our Survival Strategy:

Nature has equipped us with a fantastic survival strategy, we all possess it and it is there to keep us save. The problem is that this is an evolutionary response and was designed to keep us save at a time when survival was dependant on responding to our preditators in ancient human times.

Modern Times

Nowadays we are not at threat from the tiger and we don't have to get ready to run, freeze or fight our enemy. The trouble is, this response can also be triggered by Stress, Bad News, or past experiences, and it will kick in automatically, nothing we can do about it. Apart from making us feel anxious, angry or fearful, it will also affect our bodys.

So what exactly happens to our body and brain?

Once we are faced with a perceived threat - for example missing a deadline - the amygdala, which governs our emotional health, but crucially also the fight and flight response!!! will pull the big switch to shut down our pre-frontal cortex, our reasoning brain.

We dont have time to think in a survival situation, all brain & body responses are switched to automatic!  Fear sets in and determines our reactions. Our decision making ability is severely disabled!  That's when it is good to take a deep breath and take time - before falling for those people, who might want to scam us or influence the way we vote!

Our body reacts like this:

  • Our blood thickens - a response to aid survival in case we get injured

  • The digestive system shuts down - Emergency is no time for a bath room stop! 

  • Our heart rate quickens - so that enough blood and oxygen enables us to run!!!

  • Emergency energy supply are on stand by - we need energy to run or fight! 

  • there are a multitude of automatic adjustments our brain causes our body to make via hormonal messengers, totally unbeknown to us, it just happens to aid our survival!

Stress has a great influence on our health & mental wellbeing: 

  • Higher blood pressure

  • Insulin imbalance leading to blood sugar problems

  • Digestive problems, such as Irrtable Bowel Syndrom, constipation 

  • Hormonal imbalance.


But without a doubt our mental health is affected by these stresses, and we may end up in a hypervigilant state, where everything is considered a threat to us.  We become quick to fly off the handle as they say. We may get so anxious that it can affect every single day of our life!  The trouble is past experiences can thus affect our daily life and decision making, without us even being aware!

Self Havening

Self-Havening is one of a number of the Havening Techniques and can be used to build lasting mental & emotional resilience. Every therapeutic Havening session here at Essential Wellbeing will include teaching you how you can use self-Havening on a daily basis - just 5 minutes a day can change your life! A priceless, easy to learn life-skill, enabling  you to build emotional resilience & the capacity to change your emotions for the better in minutes, whenever you need to boost your emotional state.

Maike Dring is a certified practitioner of the Havening Techniques ®.  Havening Techniques is a registered trademark of Ronald Ruden, 15 East 91st Street, New York.