Havening Techniques

My experience with the treatment has been over all positive and has improved my life and me as a person. I had two sessions, the first for a feare of heights. At first I did not know what to expect of the treatment I read through all of the forms and revived an idea of what may happen. At the start I found it hard to relax and concentrate as it was very different to anything I have done before, eventually I allowed myself to try and focus on what I had been told to, at the time I felt very positive and felt like I could master any height, unfortunately I had to go straight home to bed as I was very unwell with a uncomfortable stomach pain. I feel like being unwell had stopped me from allowing the treatment to work as I could not give my whole focus. 

I decided to go back and try again but on a different topic. Before I went back I give great thought on what I should target and think about what I something that I felt would let me and that I really wanted help with. 

I wanted to target my lack of confidence and my feare of appearing stupid. We had a talk about everything I was nervous about and what situations I've felt this way in, we carried out the treatment I felt very emotional and even a bit shaky through out I did not hold back as I felt so comfortable before and throughout, after I felt very tired but completely renewed. In my everyday life now I take charge of situations that I would have took a back seat in before, I have also taken risks and stopped taking things too serious when it's not needed. I enjoy my life so much more and it has completely changed my social and work life being able to communicate better with people and taking a step forward where I can. 

I would recommend this to anymore to help them it only takes someone to completely relax for it to more and could help people in a much bigger when that myself, would recommend to anyone who is willing.  

Rebecca McC


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Pain Relief with combined

Bowen & Emmett Techniques

Transcribed Testimony from Gillian B.

I work in the caring profession and hurt my back badly in April 2013, my doctor signed me off, I have never been off work in 18 years. I went private to get an injection into my back, I didn’t get much relief, it was the sciatica that gave me the most pain.  A friend of mine recommended Maike Dring to me at this stage. I would have tried anything to get back to work. I had also been attending Physio and nothing really seemed to help me.  I contacted Maike, it was the best phone call I have made. I attended 3 sessions and was a different person. She is amazing, took all my pain away, I was able to return to work a different person.  I can’t recommend Maike enough she truly has gifted hands and such a lovely manner.  I still attend Maike for relaxation and look forward to every session with her. For any pain relief Maike Dring can take it away, well she did it for me.

Mrs Gillian B.

Functionial Treatment

for Back Pain & Jaw issues

I have had Bowen and Emmett Technique treatments and have found all sessions to have been extremely effective. I have  at times barely been able to walk into a treatment with very painful sciatica and have been able to walk out pain free after only one treatment.

I have also found it very effective for my jaw which has a tendency to go out of place, The relief is always immense and immediate.

Maike' s professional and caring approach make each treatment a pleasure as she treats the whole person with such dignity and sincerity that meeting with her ensures that you leave feeling better."

“I had two Havening Techniques sessions with Maike to work on issues from m past which have been haunting me throughout my life and causing my lack of self belief, self esteem and general confidence. ... During the session she worked with me to "repicture" a door as open. I can honestly say that nine months later I still see that door as open and I can escape the feelings of reliving the traumatic incident. 

..I fell much more self assured and others have noticed a change in me. .. My general level of anxiety haf decreased considerably meaning I can cope with stressful situations more easily, A strange consequence of the treatment , and to my mind not insignificant, is tha after a lifetime of biting my nails I have stopped completely without even trying and now sport ladylike nails for the first time in my life!"

Brenda J., Saintfield