Painful Knees? Try Kneipp Therapy at home

Updated: Feb 5

This is my first blog on the new website. I have chosen to share with you how to apply Kneipp Therapy for pain relief.

This therapy is really helpful for sore knees and I use it daily.

After your normal shower, you turn the water to cold. Then gently direct the stream of cold water from the left foot up along the inside of the lower leg to over the knee, keep it there for a few seconds and then return on the outside of the lower leg to the foot. Switch to the right foot and direct the cold water stream up along the inside lower leg to over the knee again keep it there for a few seconds and return the cold water strea via the outside of the lower leg to the foot. At first you will find this quite unpleasant but as you repeat this daily you will actually enjoy the feeling of awakening!

How does this treatment work for pain?

When your skin turns cold, the small blood vessels contract, reducing the blood flow to all areas you are cooling. Once you remove the cold water, the blood rushes back through the vessels. The effect is a flushing through, carrying fresh blood and oxygen to the area and removing wastes in stagnant blood. Frequently pain is associated with acidity in our body, through lack of movement perhaps or poor diet.

This treatment is similar to the ice bath top athlets are using post event, to reduce muscle pain. Here the flushing effect is used to reduce lactic acid build up after strenuous activity.

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