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Maike Dring, the owner of Essential Wellbeing NI provides treatments, talks and training events. With 26 years of experience in the Natural Health Care Sector, her clients are from three sectors: Private clients, Schools/Community organisations and the Workplace.

At Essential Wellbeing Maike specialises in Pain Relief, Stress Management, Mental & Emotional Health using a combination of different complementary therapies. 


Therapies used include the Bowen Technique, the Emmett Technique, and the Havening Techniques, as well as Aromatherapy and Swiss Reflex treatments to help reduce pain & discomfort, improve body movement and to restore a positive emotional state. Over the last 26 years clients have presented with pain & mobility issues such as backpain, sciatica, shoulder issues, knee problems, TMJ issues, sports injuries, RSI, joint pain, and other issues such as sinusitis, digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, headaches, emotional upsets, anxiety, grief, fears and more.

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Maike Dring

Art Director

Maike to write a brief description of herself here. 

Maike, describe a typical day for you at Essential Wellbeing NI?

Well, there has been a lot of changes recently due to the outbreak of Covid-19 which has been unfortunate.  There are certain techniques / practices which I am not practising at the moment such as the Emmett Bowen Technique for pain management but I have been extremely busy with the Havening Technique with clients via online zoom calls.  Then mention a bit about Having Maike.  You could also mention other areas which you offer as well.

Other possible questions:

How do your complementary therapies relieve pain?

What do you enjoy most about your job?

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Outside of my business I am an avid gardner and love to be in the garden given the chance, even when it is raining!  I find it so refreshing.  I also take monthly workshops on zoom since the outbreak of Covid.  The workshops are designed to be relaxing but where people get to come together through zoom and pick up some tips and simply enjoy themselves for an hour.  For example, recently I took a workshop entitled: 'Title of Workshop' where we .........(explain what you did).

Some upcoming workshops which I have commencing September are the following:

-Name Workshop 1

-Name Workshop 2

-Name Workshop 3

To book.................................

Maike describe yourself in 3 words?

Our Qualifications

Professional Aromatherapy & Swiss Reflex 1994

Bowen Technique 2004

Emmett Technique 2012

Havening Techniques 2016

Indian Head Massage 1996

Mother & Baby Massage 1996

Basic Clinical Dietetics 1996


Other relevant Qualifications:

Advanced Health Promotion Diploma, Belfast, 2005

City & Guilds Teaching for Adults, Newcastle, 2005

LTA, Institute for Plant-breeding, University Göttingen, Germany, 1979

(Research Laboratory Technician, Subjects included Botany, Microbiology, Horticulture)

Professional Membership

IFPA (the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists)

ABTI (Association of Bowen Therapist Ireland)

Registered with Havening Techniques and Emmett Techniques

Back Massage
In Special Needs Schools Maike Dring has used a combination of therapies to help improve pupils’ behaviour as well as physical & emotional health for 20 years.

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