How to book your

  • consultation & Treatment 

  • consultation for Remedies

  • consultations for Skin Care 

Decide whether you want to access by Zoom or Telephone.  Book your appointment by phoning Maike and pay in advance via PayPal. (paypalme/Essential Wellbeing)

Accessing a treatment on Zoom

Once you have booked your treatment, you will receive a link to your personal Zoom meeting via email or whats up.  Zoom is an online platform, where you and Maike will share a “room” in which to have the treatment session.

At your appointment time you can click on the link and enter the private “treatment room”.  You can see your Maike and will be able to have a normal consultation and receive health advice. Then practical treatment is just like when you see your Maike in the clinic. The difference is that Maike will demonstrate and guide you, by showing you what to do (on her own body), so that you can apply your own treatment.  The outcome can be nearly as effective as when you visit in person.

If you have severe mobility issues, you may want to arrange a trusted person to be present with you, so he/she can apply the therapies. Please inform beforehand Maike if you need this option.

It is best if your PC or tablet has a camera, as Maike can guide you better on how to apply the muscle releases, reflexology and hand massage.



Accessing a treatment by telephone

Once you have booked your treatment Maike will phone you at your appointment time. This treatment does not allow you access to all available therapies, as visual instruction and guidance are not possible.  However, it is still a good option, if you have no access to Zoom and currently are looking to address a health issue. The allotted time is the same as for Zoom sessions.