• Aromatherapy

    Aromatherapy uses the healing and relaxing properties of pure essential oils that have been extracted from herbs, flowers, fruits, and trees.

  • Bowen Technique

    The Bowen Technique is a gentle muscle release therapy which can relieve tension and reduce pain for a wide range of conditions. 

  • Emmett Technique

    This technique uses a combination of direct pressure and gentle switches to release tension from specific muscle groups.

  • Swiss Reflex Treatments

    Swiss Reflex combines aromatherapy essential oils with the healing potential of reflexology. 

  • Havening Techniques

    These techniques allow you to improve mental & emotional wellbeing in an astonishingly simple, yet highly effective way!  

  •  Skin Care & Remedies

    Remedies made just for you!

    Please phone with your requirements and Maike will blend a remedy to ease your symptoms.

Maike Dring

Your therapist at Essential Wellbeing, Maike Dring has 26 years experience in helping clients.  Her interest in natural therapies started when her first baby had colic and she was determined to find a remedy. 

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