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Physiotherapy Session

Online Treatments

Receive helpful advice and practical treatment guidance drawn from all therapies available at Essential Wellbeing.  Your session may include guided self-treatment using Reflexology, Emmett Technique, Bowen Technique or Havening Techniques to address issues such as muscle tension, e.g. stiff neck, shoulder, knee, ankle pain etc. If applicable an Aromatherapy Remedy (eg Care of Muscle, Insomnia, Knee pain etc) can be blended for you to be posted or collected. Wellbeing advice discussed during the session will be send out by email after the session.

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Online treatments can be accessed via telephone or Zoom.

Cosmetic Oils

Aromatherapy Remedies

Body Oils, creams and balms,

rollerballs  & aromasticks all made especially for you. Ease and address  stress related symptoms, e.g. neck and shoulder tension, back pain, muscular discomfort, insomnia, respiratory problems, headaches, PMT related symptoms.

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Aromatherapy Skin Care

Book your consultation to have your own bespoke Aromatherapy Skin Care products made especially for you! 

Facial creams, facial oils, serums, hand creams, body oils.  Every product is tailormade for your particular skin and the challenges it may face. Nourishing and renewing your skin like no other product can.

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New, safe and effective!

Changing times mean a change in the way Maike can help you to feel well. 

Traditional hands-on therapies are off the menu during these challenging times. 

However, you can still benefit greatly from Aromatherapy, Emmett Technique, the Havening Techniques and Wellbeing Advice. All will be delivered through online and telephone services for the time being.