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Maike Dring provides treatments, talks and training events. With 26 years of experience in the Natural Health Care Sector, her clients are from three sectors: Private clients, Schools/Community organisations and the Workplace.

At Essential Wellbeing Maike specialises in Pain Relief, Stress Management, Mental & Emotional Health using a combination of different complementary therapies.  Therapies used include the Bowen Technique, the Emmett Technique, and the Havening Techniques, as well as Aromatherapy and Swiss Reflex treatments to help reduce pain & discomfort, improve body movement and to restore a positive emotional state. Over the last 26 years clients have presented with pain & mobility issues such as backpain, sciatica, shoulder issues, knee problems, TMJ issues, sports injuries, RSI, joint pain, and other issues such as sinusitis, digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, headaches, emotional upsets, anxiety, grief, fears and more.

In Special Needs Schools Maike Dring has used a combination of therapies to help improve pupils’ behaviour as well as physical & emotional health for 20 years.

For the workplace Essential Wellbeing has offered treatments, workshops, and presentations to help companies reduce the cost of absenteeism due to back pain, chronic pain, and other stress related issues.


Therapeutic Qualifications:

Professional Aromatherapy & Swiss Reflex 1994

Bowen Technique 2004

Emmett Technique 2012

Havening Techniques 2016

Indian Head Massage 1996

Mother & Baby Massage 1996

Basic Clinical Dietetics 1996


Other relevant Qualifications:

Advanced Health Promotion Diploma, Belfast, 2005

City & Guilds Teaching for Adults, Newcastle, 2005

LTA, Institute for Plant-breeding, University Göttingen, Germany, 1979

(Research Laboratory Technician, Subjects included Botany, Microbiology, Horticulture)


Workshops, Teaching & Speaking Experience

Aromatherapy, Head Massage, Swiss Reflex, One Day to better Health courses and more at Queen’s University, Institute for Lifelong Learning.

Workshops for various charities, RNIB, Action Cancer, Cancer Focus, MAST etc.

Workplace workshops for staff.

Various Workshops for parents and staff at Special Needs Schools in NI.

Workshops for secondary pupils.

Talks for WI’s and other local groups.

Gardening talks to Hillsborough Horticultural Society, former Membership Secretary.

Demonstrations and talk for Cruise Ship passengers.

EMM-Tech course for the General Public.

Aromatherapy short courses for Aromatherapist CPD.

Natural & Aromatherapy Skin Care Courses for the General Public.

Online Pamper Parties, General Public.

Professional Membership

IFPA (the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists)

ABTI (Association of Bowen Therapist Ireland)

Registered with Havening Techniques and Emmett Techniques