ABC Wellness Program - delivered by Essential Wellbeing

Tools to relax, build emotional resilience and bounce back!

The ABC Wellness Program consists of 3 different workshop topics. This timely program is specifically designed to help participants dealing with increased stress levels in current times. Learn new tools with each session!

This online course is delivered via Zoom by Essential Wellbeing

Start Date: Tuesday October 6th, 2020

Time: 12noon to 1pm

£35 for all 3 sessions 

Details of the ABC Wellness Program - What is covered in the 3 sessions

Aromatherapy for Stress Relief       

6th October, 2020

This session will teach participants to harness the amazing properties of Aromatherapy essential oils at home and at work to help relax & de-stress. We explore, how to use essential oils to reduce stress, resilience & improve concentration.  We take a look at the any different ways you can use essential oils efficiently & safely. This is a short introduction to how essential oils can easily be inclded in your everyday life. Convenience and safe use of essential oils are taking centre stage.

No prior knowledge necessary.

This class is suitable for female and male particiapnts.

Better Sleep

13th October 2020

Sleepless nights undermine our wellbeing.

A good night's sleep allows you to tackle anything - we will take a look at the importance of a sleep routine, including winding down, electric interference, light pollution, ventilation the importance of food and more.

We will also examine the use of Aromatherapy essential oils to encourage refreshing sleep.


No prior knowledge necessary.

This class is suitable for female and male participants.


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Coping Strategies for Stress  

20th October 2020

This session teaches a variety of strategies and tools to ease everyday stress levels, increase mood and motivation and aid relaxation.

Including Havening Techniques, a fantastic tool made possible by Neuroscience and developed by the Ruden brothers. Self-Havening can help increase your resilience to stress as well as motivation. We look at the role of Aromatic Interventions, Breathing Techniques and more.

No prior knowledge necessary. This class is suitable for female and male participants.



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